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Mr. Jackpots

I just bought face masks online, since our health authority is now recommending them.
Why don't you just stop breathing?


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Aah, I'm honoured, Pep! You MUST get the book finished and published now. :lbf:
Well, I will try. It was a good name, though, it just seemed to fit, so thank you. You know those random names they have for obscure hospital departments? I had to take my son to the Keith Lee Suite a year or so ago. He thought this was hilarious and said 'Hope we get to meet Keith Lee.'

Perhaps this is the start of something, maybe I can covertly insert various people from Solo into the text :lbf:


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Haha. Your son was funny saying that

I was thinking the same, about you sneaking in a few Morrissey Solo regulars. How far forward are you with the project? Is your mentor still around?
Not quite half way. I am not very fast (although trying to get faster), but I think it will be another 9-12 months realistically before it's finished. Yes, he is still around. He had a nasty tussle with coronavirus but thankfully came out on top. What's happening with you? Are you still on sick leave, or are they phasing you back in?


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How you manage to stick at it, I'll never know. It must be a labour of love. Is it becoming easier now you've hit the halfway mark? It must be a huge help having your mentor. I'm glad he came through the coronavirus. I'm back at work this week. I'm not going to ask for a phased return. I'll work from home for a while. I panic though, because when I'm physically in the office I don't feel such pressure to have an impressive output because people can see you're physically there, whereas, at home I feel I have to prove I'm sat there doing something (although, I do have to be logged into teams all day and am in constant touch with everybody, so if I'm not responding to my manager or colleagues when appropriate, they'll be wondering why) Ironically, there's more scrutiny, because they check the system for when you processed something, how long it took you, and how much you've done)
Yes and no. There's a bit of momentum now, which helps. But the later chapters are much more sketchy in detail than the early ones, so there's more work involved. I'm having to make a lot more up as I go now - hence the Dale Wharfe Suite :lbf:
I think the truth is everybody is having to get used to different ways of working now, but for people like you who have additional challenges, that must add to the anxiety. So many of our 'normals' have been swept away, and that's really unsettling.


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And, I must say, a selfish manipulative drunk, will cause less grievence, in the long term, than a selfish, manipulative person with all their wits about them. A drunk's wishes are for short term satiety, they don't want to conquer the world. They're not bothered about the day after tomorrow. They don't have a long term plan. And anyway, they wouldn't have the wherewithal to effect it if they did have a long term plan. It's the quietly calculating people you have to watch out for. They're the ones who become Prime Ministers and Presidents and wreak more put uphavoc on the population than your average drunk. They make policies, sometimes, that are less befitting to a position of high office than to that of your average drunk. Sober people can make drunken decisions. Perhaps we need a drunk in power. Hahaha, we've already had one. Winston Churchill. And, apparently, he was a very good Prime Minister. Hahaha.
Ah Dale, what a magnificently spirited justification you give for carrying on regardless! But the inescapable truth is you know you'd be better off without it, and the people who care about you just wish you'd make the leap and help yourself. :kissingheart:


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in the world of ridiculous headlines, yahoo news had this:

BC couple married for 68 years die of covid

I think what we're suppose to think is: oh, how tragic! they survive 68 years together through everything and covid got them in the end!

they were 94 and 91 years old!!!!!!!! they were likely going to die of SOMETHING this year.

dont tell me this is why i have to stay in my house.

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It's a difficult one Pep. The responsibilities I have don't accommodate the way I wish to conduct myself. When I was doing an easier job, it wasn't so well paid but I loved it. Some people complained that it was mind numbing work, but that suited me. I like doing my thinking outside of work. I'd rather prostitute my body than my mind. It's all beauracracy and procedure where I work, but they equate that with intelligence when it's just rigmarole to me. As I say, I'm thankful for a job, I love the benefits it brings. If only I could downgrade, but the position I started in no longer exists! ie a filing clerk.
If you get a good offer I think you should take it.
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