"Everyday is Like Sunday" 1988 promotional film ~ alternate location sound mix

Apologies if this is generally known about, but í certainly wasn't aware of it, and can find no mention in the relevant 'literature'.

This appears to be a version of Tim Broad's promotional film for "Everyday is Like Sunday" with seaside location sound mixed in throughout the film, as well as Sunday afternoon chit-chat from Billie & Cheryl. And a brief Hawtrey duet with Morrissey at the end.

Previously excerpted as a stand-alone amongst the odds and sods on the "Hulmerist" collection, í assume this early sound mix was rejected for full-on Moz-a-rama.
Or ~ was this how it was shown at the time? í am sure that í would have remembered noticing Charles pipe up on "The Chart Show" Etc.
The versions on "Hulmerist", "¡Oye Esteban!", YouTube Etc all feature the standard audio.

Unearthed on the site of Mike Southon, BSC, who was the director of photography on this, and many other 'classic' pop videos of the day. He also worked on many BBC Arts documentaries {including filming Jobriath's last appearance in the Arena "Chelsea Hotel" film of 1981.}


And yes, Mike spells his name wrong, and the everyday should be one word, but...at least he could be bothered to turn up to the shoot. Which is more than some...


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Slim Jim

While Blackpool spends a lot of money trying to become a mini Vegas, 30 mins up the road takes you to Morecambe, which is firmly stuck in the era that this video depicts.

As an aside, it's also where you can currently find Linder wandering along the seafront.
Not any more. Linder moved to nearby Heysham to offer support to her elderly parents who lived close by. However, she’s since moved elsewhere although I believe the main archive of her artwork is still kept in storage in Lancaster.


Was kinda wonderin' if Moz was inspired by Champagne And Wine by Otis Redding.
Otis sings "Everyday is gonna just be like Sunday" (2:10).
Haha. It really could be.

I would say yes, he was inspired by this... moz has turned the positive line to a negative... I know what I’d prefer of a Sunday, champagne and wine then a good chance of a bit slap and tickle.... in fact no wait on, I’ve reconsidered , I’ve changed my mind I’m going to Brighton with FWD to see where the bomb should have landed.... Noooooooo

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