Morrissey @ the Metro in Chicago 2000



For the first time on this tour there was no "The Operation" drum intro. Guitarist Alain came on, greeted the audience with "Hello Camden" and successively introduced "new boy extraordinaire" Spike, "always a Polecat" Boz, "best friend" Gary, himself and then "Steven Patrick Morrissey on guitars!". The singer walked on stage with a guitar - amid the cheers - and greeted the audience with the line "All my children... hello again... are you feeling allwrong? Me too!" . Alain and Morrissey then switched to their proper places and launched into new set opener

Does anybody have footage of this?

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
This is the only visual record I've seen of the moment. Sadly.

~ It looks good on him :)

*eternal gratitude to the Mighty Comtesse*
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