Mild Mannered Army review by LAIRD1973 - IANADOAC

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Morrissey Central "AMAZON TODAY, Number 1" (March 21, 2020)

Atlantic City review by Ryan Loughlin - IANADOAC 3.5/5

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Positive review, but keep in mind this stoner doesn’t like “Love is on Its Way Out”.

Cryptic Rock review by Alfie Vera Mella - IANADOAC 5/5

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Here's an excerpt;
"And then there is the raging bull that is “Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?”—a Gospel/Blues-inspired track; the album’s first single, featuring vocals by the American R&B singer Thelma Houston; followed by the equally unrelenting title-track, swaying and swinging coolly, obviously teasing and taunting whoever Morrissey has written the song for: “There is no point in being nice!”
Morrissey with his gang—Boz Boorer (guitar), Jesse Tobias (guitar), Matt Walker (drums), Gustavo Manzur (keyboards), and Mando Lopez (bass)—then treats the listener to something musically relaxed and atmospheric—“What Kind of People Live in These Houses?” and “Knockabout World”—but still lyrically brazen. The ensuing horn-laden “Darling, I Hug a Pillow” is sweet and tender, reminiscent of Morrissey’s early works, such as “The Last of the Famous International Playboys” and “We Hate It When...

Salford Star review by Ian Leslie - IANADOAC 4/5

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Ian sends the link:

By Ian Leslie


As isolation becomes the norm, do we need Morrissey, his horrid views and his new album, I am not a Dog on a Chain? Ian Lesley decides that maybe we do as the ancient crooner takes a chance and continues his move away from guitars. Maybe he should take a chance and try and swim back across the Atlantic. Whatevs.

Morrissey Central "iTunes Today (Friday)" (March 21, 2020)

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Uncut review by Johnny Sharp - IANADOAC 6/10

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I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
Gloves remain on as Moz lashes out.
He hits and he misses
"I see no point in being nice," Morrissey
admits on the title track of his 13th studio
album, but we've seen him in meaner moods.
Musically, there are even moments of
sweetness, such as the Celtic tinges of
the warmly nostalgic "Once I Saw The
River Clean". The electro-pop of " Jim
Jim Falls" is also likeable, even if he
repeatedly trumpets: "if you're going
to kill yourself.. get on with it." Let's
charitably assume he is just parodying
what insensitive cretins used to say
about him. But there are other, less
successful experiments: few voices
are less suited to duetting with than
Moz's, and when Thelma Houston
tries it on "Bobby Don't You Think They
Know",well, square peg meet round hole.

The Independent review by Jake Cudsi - IANADOAC (2 of 5 stars)

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Morrissey review, I am Not a Dog on a Chain: All bark and no bite - The Independent
"Album by the controversial former Smiths frontman has its moments, but they are brief and virtually lost amid the more experimental forays"

It's a shortish review which ends:
I Am Not a Dog has its moments, but they are brief and virtually lost amid the more experimental forays. Morrissey isn’t as tethered as he’d have his most devout fans – or himself – believe, but he seems destined to live out the rest of his career chasing his own tail.
Let the excoriation of The Independent and the character assassinations of Mr Cudsi begin...

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